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In recent times, many of product companies or ISV’s prefer having virtual team structure located in different geographical locations. The core development activities remain with the company and testing services is outsourced to partners. Bentech has successfully worked with such companies in providing outsourced testing services.

In Bentech, we are committed towards the quality of the products, systems, applications delivered to the customer. The journey of testing group in Bentech begun as just one of the phase as part of application development life cycle. We successfully delivering many complex applications spanning wide spectrum of technologies, domains and methodologies the testing group have enriched with experience and knowledge. In Bentech we have ISTQB certified team who have been helping customers to ensure that they get the fully functional, defect free and better performing software.

Many businesses are actively seeking outsourced software testing services. This is completely understandable, since testing can be a labor intensive and time-consuming process, which takes valuable resources away from your own team. Your skilled, technically capable personnel can obviously be better utilized in other areas, where their core competencies are more directly applicable to your bottom line. Key tasks can be completed internally, while time-intensive work can be completed by external providers. When partnered with QA automation testing services, you can make the most out of test automation outsourcing. Be sure to look for trusted, established partners whenever you have a need for software testing consulting services.

Automation Testing

We have expertise in testing of application developed using platform such as Microsoft Analysis service, integration service and Reporting service. We cover data verification, performance and business logic in our testing. In additional to this in Report testing, we test layout of each report.

We perform different type of testing like Functional, Usability, and regression on mobile Applications. In Installation testing we cover App Installation, uninstallation and Reinstallation and Upgradation of applications. Over past few years we have been testing on different devices with different OS as well as their different version. For example: Android, iOS, windows surface. In localization testing, we are testing near about 22 international language.

Software Testing 

Our Expertise in Testing

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With the number of browsers and mobile devices the complexity of testing increases manifold. Our team is equipped to do compatibility testing as per business requirement. It is to check whether software application or product is ready to run in different browsers, operating system, mobile devices. It’s important to test the application in all possible environment to reduce chances of failures..

Manual Testing

Manual testing is the oldest method to test software and is backbone of our testing services. We analyze requirements, prepare test plan and execute the test cases. We cover Core Functional, UI, Database, Regression and end to end testing types in our manual testing.

Use of defect tracking tool is very important for effective bug life cycle management or even for effecting test life cycle management. We have expertise in Jira, Bugzilla and TFS as bug tracking as well as test management tools.

Compatibility testing


Mobile application testing on different Devices

 We have come up with phase wise comprehensive approach for SharePoint project testing. We mainly worked on LOB application and application that interface with other platforms like SAP. Here the QA person participates right from requirements stage to final UAT to deliver defect free application.

Business Intelligence

MS SharePoint application testing

To reduce manual testing efforts, increase testing accuracy and accelerate regression testing we use automation tools. Bentech is using Selenium (Functional testing) and JMeter (performance) automation tools. In Agile development, Automating testing plays crucial role in end to end and regression testing in lesser time with more accuracy. We recommends the automation testing for agile projects.

Bentech Advantages:

  • We work as the extended arm of your development team
  • Availability of certified test analysts and testers
  • Well documented processes to help deliver consistent results
  • Can provide the working hours overlap to your advantage