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Businesses are challenged with staying ahead of the latest trends and competitive developments while also building a responsive and agile IT capability to support growth. Technology alone does not offer a competitive advantage. Differentiation depends on how technology is applied—namely who does it and how effective they are.
We provide a full range of information technology staffing services including contract, contract-to-hire and direct hire solutions.

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Recruiting Process

The Recruitment is the process of analyzing the job requirements and then finding the prospective candidates who are then encouraged and stimulated to apply for the job in the Bentech.
The Recruitment programme is designed to attract more and more applicants such that the pool of candidates applies for the job, and the bentech has more options to select the best out of them. 

Our key differentiator is the strength of our recruiting team. We hire only the best technical recruiters and we provide continuous training on technical screening strategies, advanced candidate sourcing methods and behavioral interviewing techniques in order to consistently add value to our clients. Our recruiting team is equipped with powerful tools and resources that many of our competitors do not utilize. 


Staff Augmentation

It's important to any staff augmentation service to embed the culture, philosophy and work style of the client company and we give a special attention to that. Once the resource is dedicated, then he / she need to go through a 360 degree induction plan both internally by our project team and externally by your team. The resource is trained on your culture, clients, projects, technology and work style to work in sync with your team. The principal motive out here is to ensure that the resource is deemed fit at a part of your extended team and delivering the expected productivity within your set quality framework.
Through our staff augmentation service, either you can hire an individual resource or set of resources from diverse skill background for a particular period of time or a specialized team of people for a specific time frame. We expect you to enter into a time commitment agreement with us just to enable to work on other important logistics attached to it. Though we understand that quality output is the only key for the continuation and long lasting relationship.  We have a state of the art infrastructure to ensure the business continuity.

Pay rolling Services

Having extensive experience in providing professional pay rolling services to our diverse clientele, Bentech services are guaranteed to be of the highest level of professional quality. Our efficient ‘client specific’ pay rolling process is based on their unique needs that map itself to our core service delivery framework. This unique process is effectively managed and monitored on a regular and our dedicated teams support and drive the entire pay rolling process for all new hires ensuring 100% compliance to client specified policies. 

If you are seeking experienced technical professionals who can help move your business forward, contact us or read more about our services below.